Monday September 11, Tiffany Brown Designs 

Tiffany Brown Designs decided to casually put us in blue heaven this season. Hosted at Spring Studios (and sitting front row), guests were in awe looking at the beautiful designs in various shades of blue. Everything was shown from boho chic to ballgowns to sheer but everything was very on trend especially the sheer pieces. One thing I definitely want to highlight is the music choice throughout the show. While we typically hear pieces which don’t have lyrics, this show was heavy on afro music such as Watati by Karol G. This felt like a more relatable element to the show which kept guests engaged. A note about the designs, as I was wearing a tulle dress, I highly appreciated the use of tulle in the designs. 

In a world of fashion where innovation and style are paramount, Tiffany Brown Designs has taken a bold step to plunge us into a serene ocean of blue this season. Hosted at Spring Studios, I found myself fortunate enough to be sitting front row, and let me tell you, the experience was nothing short of awe-inspiring.

The runway was out of a dream, adorned with a breathtaking array of designs, all dipped in various enchanting shades of blue. From the boho chic to the lavish ballgowns and the daring sheers, every ensemble seemed to whisper the essence of contemporary fashion. But what truly set this showcase apart was its impeccable alignment with the latest trends, particularly the sheer pieces.

One factor that brought attention to the show was the impeccable choice of music throughout the show. In an industry accustomed to instrumental tracks, Tiffany Brown Designs decided to have the models walk to tracks such as afro. A notable track was “Watati” by Karol G. This choice added a unique layer of relatability to the entire show, making it not just a visual treat but a sensorial experience that kept the audience thoroughly engaged.

Back to the topic of the designs, I couldn’t help but nod in approval as I wore a delicate tulle dress. Tiffany Brown Designs had masterfully incorporated tulle into their creations, making it evident that this versatile fabric had found a fresh lease of life in the realm of high fashion. The ethereal quality of tulle added an exquisite touch to the designs, further solidifying the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and crafting pieces that resonated with both contemporary aesthetics and timeless elegance.

As I left Spring Studios, I couldn’t help but reflect on how Tiffany Brown Designs had effortlessly transformed the color blue into a symbol of wonder. This season, they had succeeded not only in dressing us in blue heaven but in creating an experience that was nothing short of enchanting. Tiffany Brown Designs had once again proven that fashion is not just about clothing; it’s about telling a captivating story, and they had certainly left us all spellbound with their narrative of blue enchantment.

Favorite designs are shown below xx

Sunday September 10, Global Fashion Collective

The Global Fashion Collective presented their creations during NYFW on September 10, 2023. The guests was left stunned by the collective’s creative and innovative designs, as models walked the runway displaying the latest in fashion. Starting with the Hyper Couture Collection, it featured various bold and urban designs. It was the perfect choice for people who are looking to make a fashion statement that is both daring and unique. The collection was concluded with a stunning wedding dress, which was the highlight of the segment. The second segment featured Justin Jacob Louis’ designs. The collection featured various styles, including business casual, casual, and trench coats, all of which were prominent and on trend. Throughout the show, the models wore sneakers, which were a bold yet favored choice. The clothes in the collection were made with a relaxed fit, and they offer a fashionable yet comfortable appearance.

Favorite designs are shown below xx

Saturday September 9, Archana Kochhar

One thing we love to see during NYFW is South Asian representation and Archana Kochhar did not disappoint. Hosted at the Highwater Rooftop at the Indigo Hotel, guests were met with a beautiful view along with beautiful designs. This show had a unique element of having 4 different rooms that the models walked through along with a special performance by none other than the Jikaria Sisters. The four rooms was done to depict Kochhar’s four different collections.

The show itself had an interesting concept of incorporating segments in her “Anant” collection. The first segment is to celebrate heritage. The second is to embark on the journey of globalization. The third segment is to draw attention to the diversity of the female form. This show was extremely inclusive, with the models varying in size and skin color which was HIGHLY appreciated. 

At the end of the show, we were graced by Archana Herself as well as Diana Hayden, also known as Miss World 1997. Overall, this show was definitely a jaw dropping experience.

Favorite designs are shown below xx

Friday September 8, Kobi Halperin

This season, Kobi Halperin made his official NYFW debut On September 8 with his theme known as “wonders of salt.” Inside the presentation hall sat a crisp, white tower salt that acted as a runway for the models. This brought an interesting and unique feel to the typical runway experience seen at NYFW. As for the pieces shown, they all had a modern take on recent trends seen on social media but it is especially appreciated how his style has a very European aesthetic to it. To quote Halperin himself in his interview with CFDA, “If I could combine Paris and New York and my own heritage I believe I covered the whole world and created a tapestry of cultures and styles that resonate universally.” 

Favorite designs are shown below xx

Saturday February 11, Snow Xue Gao

As the calendar ushers in the enchanting season of Spring, fashion enthusiasts are once again treated to the dazzling spectacle that is the New York Fashion Week. And what a delightful way to commence this sartorial extravaganza than with the mesmerizing showcase by Snow Xue Gao! With a touch of creative brilliance, the brand has cleverly transformed its space into a captivating showroom, providing the perfect backdrop to unveil their latest collection that is nothing short of captivating. This charming amalgamation of artistry and style serves as a heartwarming reminder that in the world of fashion, tradition dances harmoniously with innovation.

Tuesday September 13, Snow Xue Gao

I would like to start off this post by thanking the PR team at Snow Xue Gao for the very special invite to their NYFW event, my first ever NYFW event. Now here is what really goes on behind the scenes at NYFW.

The runway show was at 9 am but it wasn’t until around 9:15 that everyone was properly seated. The press had their cameras ready and were shooting the guests looks for the show. We had everyone from Tiktok influencers to Instagram models ready for this show. Upon being let in to the boutique, we were greeted warmly by the staff for check-ins. It was a free seating area and everyone received a little gift bag with a bottle of Voss water inside.

The show began shortly after and all the models were stunning. The boutique itself seemed small for a runway show but the pieces were all unique and absolutely beautiful.